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External Data Links

Since data pages are often difficult to find within a Secretariat website, the IEA Database Project tries to provide links that go DIRECTLY to the data files provided on other websites. These files can come in a wide variety of formats, including:
  • zipped files (.zip),
  • Excel files (.xls),
  • FishSTAT plus files (.zip or .fsi),
  • PDF files (.pdf),
  • Access (.mdb),
  • HTML (.htm or .mht),
  • or a variety of other file types.
To ensure you can READ the file and INTERPRET the data correctly, you are strongly advised to go to the main database website. At present, the best way to find that is to go to the main Secretariat website by using only the domain of the data URL, as below. I hope to update this feature soon to provide a link to both the data itself and the description of file format and notes, separately.
Please cite as:
Data from Ronald B. Mitchell. 2002-2018. International Environmental Agreements Database Project (Version 2014.3).
Available at:
Date accessed: 20 November 2018