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1994: Convention Establishing The Association Of Caribbean States

Related Lineage is:
Provisions coded as containing the code: FINAD
  Provision  First Coders Codes  Second Coders Codes 
Art.9  ARTICLE IX: Functions of the Ministerial Council  HOBF SECS HOBS  HOBF SECS FINAD AMND 
Art.9.1x  Consistent with the functions and activities of the Association set out in Article III (2) of the Convention, the Ministerial Council shall:     
Art.9.1x.a  (a) define courses of action, policies and programmes of the Association;     
Art.9.1x.b  (b) consider and approve the biennial Work Programme and Budget of the Association;     
Art.9.1x.c  (c) consider and determine applications for membership, associate membership of, or observer status with, the Association;     
Art.9.1x.d  (d) determine the Social Partners which it recognises and accepts and define their roles;     
Art.9.1x.e  (e) appoint the Secretary-General and such other senior officials of the Secretariat as it may deem appropriate;     
Art.9.1x.f  (f) establish Rules of Procedure and guidelines governing the functioning of the Association;     
Art.9.1x.g  (g) approve the regulations governing the operations of the Secretariat;     
Art.9.1x.h  (h) authorize the negotiation and conclusion, by the Secretary-General, of agreements with third parties, institutions or groups of states or other entities as may be required for the advancement of the work of the Association;     
Art.9.1x.i  (i) recommend and/or adopt amendments to the Convention proposed by Member States in accordance with Article XXVIII;     
Art.9.1x.j  (j) decide on the interpretation of this Convention;     
Art.9.1x.k  (k) perform such other functions as may be determined by the Meeting of Heads of State or Government.     
Art.12.1  1. The Ministerial Council shall examine and approve with such modifications, as it deems necessary, the draft Budget of the Association submitted by the Committee on Budget and Administration.     
Art.12.2  2. Voting on the total figure of the Budget shall be preceded by a vote on each budget head. Each budget head shall be approved by a three-quarters majority of the votes of delegates present and voting. The total of the Budget of the Association shall be approved by consensus of delegates present.     
Art.12.3  3. The Budget of the Association shall be prepared on a biennial basis, subject to an annual review. Where in any year, the Budget of the Association is not approved, the Budget of the Association voted for the previous biennium shall remain in force and Member States, and Associate Members shall continue to make the same contributions as for the preceding biennium.     
Art.12.4  4. Contributions by Member States to the Budget of the Association shall be made in such proportions as the Ministerial Council may decide.     
Art.15  ARTICLE XV: Functions of the Secretariat  SECF HOBF  SECF FINAD 
Art.15.1  1. In addition to any duties which may be assigned to it by the Ministerial Council, the Secretariat shall perform the following functions for the achievement of the purposes and functions of the Association:     
Art.15.1.a  (a) assist the Ministerial Council and the Special Committees of the Association in the development and implementation of policies and programmes;     
Art.15.1.b  (b) maintain contact with other sub-regional, regional and international organisations;     
Art.15.1.c  (c) initiate, organise and conduct studies on integration issues, and in particular, trade, investment and economic and social development issues;    SCIR 
Art.15.1.d  (d) collect, store and disseminate information to Member States, Associate Members, and when the Ministerial Council so decides, to other relevant entities;  INFO  INFO SCIR 
Art.15.1.e  (e) service Meetings of the Ministerial Council and the Special Committees of the Association and take appropriate action on determinations emanating from such meetings;     
Art.15.1.f  (f) coordinate, within the framework of the work programme of the Association, the activities of donor agencies, international, regional and national institutions;     
Art.15.1.g  (g) prepare the draft Budget of the Association for examination by the Committee on Budget and Administration every two years to be submitted for the consideration and approval, as appropriate, by the Ministerial Council.     
Art.15.2  2. In the discharge of its functions, the Secretariat shall enter into cooperation arrangements with, and draw on, the capacities of the existing integration organisations in the region.     
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