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1993: Establishment Agreement For The Center For International Forestry Research

Related Lineage is:
  Provision  First Coders Codes  Second Coders Codes 
Titl.1  Establishment Agreement for the Center for International Forestry Research  TITL  TITL 
Src.1  Source: Unofficial Text  SRC  SRC 
Pre.1  WHEREAS the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (hereinafter referred to as CGIAR) is an informal association of national governments, international organizations and private institutions co-sponsored by the World Bank, the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (hereinafter referred to as FAO) and the United Nations Development Programme (hereinafter referred to as UNDP) formed for the purpose of contributing to sustainable improvements in the productivity of agriculture, forestry and fisheries in developing countries in ways that enhance nutrition and well-being, especially among low-income people;  DESC RELA  RELA DESC 
Pre.2  WHEREAS the CGIAR has agreed that there should be established a Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) which will be concerned with forestry research that benefits developing countries;  SCIR RELA  RELA 
Pre.3  WHEREAS, acknowledging that different regions in the world have their own unique and differing problems whose solution could be aided by international research, CIFOR will be a decentralized body with a headquarters in Indonesia and regional programs located in various countries;    SCIR 
Pre.4  WHEREAS CIFOR is intended to be an International Research Center within the CGIAR system;  RELA  RELA 
Pre.5  WHEREAS members of the CGIAR intend to provide funds for the regular budget of CIFOR to enable the Center to assume its functions; and  RELA  RELA 
Pre.6  WHEREAS the Parties to this Agreement wish to create CIFOR as an independent institution with suitable governance, full juridical personality and appropriate international status, authorities, privileges and immunities and the conditions necessary to enable it to operate effectively toward the attainment of its objectives;     
Art.1  Article 1  SBS  HOBS 
Art.1.1x  There shall be established an independent international organization entitled the "Center for International Forestry Research" (hereinafter referred to as "CIFOR" or "the Center") which shall operate in accordance with the Constitution appended hereto and forming an integral part of this Agreement.  ATTACH  ATTACH 
Art.2  Article 2  FINAD  FINAD FINPR 
Art.2.1x  The Parties shall not be under any obligation to provide financial support to CIFOR beyond voluntary contributions. The Parties shall not be under any responsibility, individually or collectively, for any debts, liabilities or obligations of the Center. Financing of the Center's activities shall be undertaken pursuant to Article 17 of the Constitution.  ATTACH  ATTACH 
Art.3  Article 3  MEMB DEPO SBF  MEMB DEPO 
Art.3.1  1. This Agreement shall be open for signature by States at Canberra at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia. It shall remain open for signature for a period of two years from the date of first signature.    RELA 
Art.3.2  2. After the expiration of the period specified in paragraph 1, this Agreement shall remain open for accession by any State, subject to prior approval by the Board of Trustees of CIFOR by simple majority.     
Art.3.3  3. Instruments of accession shall be deposited with the Depositary of this Agreement.     
Art.3.4  4. The Government of Australia shall be the Depositary of this Agreement.     
Art.4  Article 4  EIF DEPO  EIF DEPO 
Art.4.1  1. This Agreement and the Constitution appended hereto shall enter into force upon signature by three States[1]. The three original signatories to this Agreement shall thereafter be referred to as "the sponsors".  ATTACH  ATTACH 
Art.4.2  2. For each State depositing an instrument of accession, after the entry into force of this Agreement, this Agreement shall enter into force on the first day of the month after the date of receipt by the Depositary of such instrument.     
Art.5.1x  The amendment of this Agreement and fundamental provisions of the Constitution (as defined in Article 21 of the Constitution) shall be subject to the approval of the Parties to this Agreement. Such proposed amendments shall, following approval by the Board, be conveyed to Parties to this Agreement and shall enter into force 30 days after receipt by the Depositary of instruments of acceptance of the amendment from all Parties to this Agreement.  ATTACH  ATTACH 
Art.6  Article 6  RESV  RESV 
Art.6.1x  Any Party to this Agreement may withdraw upon six months written notice to the other Parties through the Depositary. Such withdrawal shall in no way affect contractual or other obligations entered into by the Center prior to notice of withdrawal being given.     
Art.7  Article 7  TEXT  TEXT 
Art.7.1x  The authentic text of the p resent Agreement, including the Constitution appended thereto, shall be in the English language.  ATTACH  ATTACH 
Conc.1  IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned Plenipotentiaries, being duly authorized by their respective Governments, have signed this Agreement.  CONC  CONC 
Conc.2  DONE at Canberra in a single original in the English language, on the fifth day of March, 1993.     
Conc.3  For the Government of Australia:     
Conc.4  [Signed[*]:]     
Conc.5  JOHN KERIN     
Conc.6  For the Government of Sweden:     
Conc.7  [Signed*:]     
Conc.8  BO HEINEB√ĄCK     
Conc.9  For the Government of Switzerland:     
Conc.10  [Signed *:]     
Conc.12  For the Government of the United States of America:     
Conc.13  [Signed:]     
Conc.14  MARILYN MEYERS May 3, 1993     
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