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1978: Treaty For Amazonian Cooperation

Related Lineage is:
Provisions coded as containing the code: SCIR
  Provision  First Coders Codes  Second Coders Codes 
Art.6.2x  PARAGRAPH: For this purpose, they shall carry out studies into the means for eliminating physical obstacles to the said navigation as well as the economic and financial implications so as to put into effect the most appropriate operational measures.  SCIR  SCIR 
Art.7.1x.a  a. Promote scientific research and exchange information and technical personnel among the competent agencies within the respective countries so as to increase their knowledge of the flora and fauna of their Amazon territories and prevent and control diseases in said territories.  SCIR INFO  SCIR INFO 
Art.8.1x  The Contracting Parties decide to promote coordination of the present health services in their respective Amazonian territories and to take other appropriate measures to improve the sanitary conditions in the region and perfect methods for preventing and combating epidemics.    SCIR 
Art.9.0x  The Contracting Parties agree to establish close cooperation in the fields of scientific and technological research, for the purpose of creating more suitable conditions for the acceleration of the economic and social development of the region.  SCIR  SCIR 
Art.9.1  PARAGRAPH ONE: For purposes of this Treaty, the technical and scientific cooperation among the Contracting Parties may be as follows:  SCIR  SCIR 
Art.9.1x.a  a. Joint or coordinated implementation of research and development programs;     
Art.9.1x.b  b. Creation and operation of research institutions or centers for improvement and experimental production;     
Art.9.1x.c  c. Organization of seminars and conferences, exchange of information and documentation, and organization of means for their dissemination.  INFO  INFO 
Art.9.2  PARAGRAPH TWO: The Contracting Parties may, whensoever they deem it necessary and convenient, request the participation of international agencies in the execution of studies, programs and projects resulting from the forms of technical and scientific cooperation defined in Paragraph One of this Article.  SCIR  SCIR 
Art.10.1x  The Contracting Parties agree on the advisability of creating a suitable physical infrastructure among their respective countries, especially in relation to transportation and communications. They therefore undertake to study the most harmonious ways of establishing or improving road, river, air and telecommunication links bearing in mind the plans and programs of each country aimed at attaining the priority goal of fully incorporating those respective Amazonian territories into their respective national economies,  SCIR  INFO SCIR 
Art.11.1x  In order to increase the rational utilization of the human and natural resources of their respective Amazonian territories, the Contracting Parties agree to encourage joint studies and measures aimed at promoting the economic and social development of said territories and generating complementary methods for reinforcing the actions envisaged in the national plans of their respective territories.  SCIR  SCIR 
Art.17.0x  The Contracting Parties shall present initiatives for undertaking studies for the elaboration of programs of common interest for developing their Amazonian territories and in general terms provide for the fulfillment of the actions contemplated in the present Treaty.  SCIR  SCIR 
Art.21.0x.4  4. To take under consideration initiatives and plans present by the Parties as well as to adopt decisions for undertaking bilateral or multilateral studies and plans, the execution of which as the case may be, shall be the duty of the Permanent National Commissions.    SCIR 
Art.24.1x  Whenever necessary, the Contracting Parties may set up special Commissions to study specific problems or matters related to the aims of this Treaty.  SCIR   
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