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1958: Convention Concerning Fishing In The Waters Of The Danube

Related Lineage is:
  Provision  First Coders Codes  Second Coders Codes 
Src.1  Source: Unofficial Text  SRC  SRC 
Pre.1  The Governments of the Romanian People's Republic, the People's Republic of Bulgaria, the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics,  DESC  DESC 
Pre.2  Having a common interest in the rational utilization and expansion of the stocks of fish in the river Danube,     
Pre.3  Recognizing the need for co-operation in working out a scientific basis for intensive augmentation of the stock of fish and the regulation of fishing,  SCIR  SCIR 
Pre.4  Have decided to conclude this Convention and have for this purpose appointed as their plenipotentiaries:     
Pre.5  The Government of the Romanian People's Republic: Constantin Teodoru, Deputy Minister of the Consumer Goods Industry;     
Pre.6  The Government of the People's Republic of Bulgaria: Lalyu Ganchev, First Deputy Minister of the Food Industry;     
Pre.7  The Government of the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia: Nikola Dzuverovic, member of the Executive Council of the People's Republic of Serbia;     
Pre.8  The Government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics: Aleksandr Akimovich Ishkov, Minister of the USSR;     
Pre.9  who, having exchanged their full powers, found in good and due form, have agreed as follows:     
Art.1  Article 1  SUBS  SUBS 
Art.1.1x  The Contracting Parties agree to regulate fishing in the waters of the Danube throughout its course within the territory of the Contracting Parties to the point of entry into the Black Sea, including the Danube Delta, in accordance with the provisions of this Convention.     
Art.2  Article 2    SUBS 
Art.2.1x  Each Contracting Party shall exercise the right of fishing in the Danube in its own waters bounded by the State frontier.  SOVR   
Art.3  Article 3  SCOP  SCOP 
Art.3.1x  This Convention shall apply to the waters of the Danube, including its mouth, to tributaries of the Danube up to the maximum extent of its flood waters, and to lakes, estuaries and pools permanently or temporarily connected with the Danube flood-basin in the territory of the Contracting Parties, including the area adjoining the mouth.     
Art.4  Article 4  SUBS  SUBS 
Art.4.1x  The Contracting Parties agree to put into effect and apply on their own sections of the Danube and on the waters referred to in article 3, simultaneously with the entry into force of this Convention, the Regulations for Fishing in the River Danube which are annexed to and form an integral part of this Convention.  ATTACH  ATTACH 
Art.5  Article 5  SUBS FINPR  SUBS FINPR 
Art.5.1x  The Contracting Parties agree to carry out in the river Danube and in the waters referred to in article 3 improvement works and piscicultural operations to ameliorate the natural conditions for the breeding, growth and normal increase in stocks of fish of economic importance.    SCIR 
Art.5.2x  In the event of the erection on the Danube of waterengineering works, in particular dams, which may change the hydro- biological regime of the river, those Contracting Parties which construct and use the said works shall prepare in advance and apply jointly a plan of action to safeguard the normal migratory movements of the fish.    SCIR 
Art.5.3x  The Contracting Parties shall at the same time carry out such piscicultural operations as will safeguard the normal breeding and development of economically valuable species of fish, in the sections of the river situated above and below the said works, under the new environmental conditions created by the erection of those works.    SCIR 
Art.5.4x  The question of payment of the costs of construction and use of piscicultural and water improvement works on the Danube shall be resolved in each individual case by agreement between the States concerned.    SCIR 
Art.6  Article 6  SUBS  SUBS 
Art.6.1x  In order to increase the stocks of economically valuable species of fish in the waters referred to in this Convention, stations for the artificial breeding of such species of fish in particular the Acipenseridae, shall be established as necessary.     
Art.7  Article 7  SUBS  SUBS 
Art.7.1x  The Contracting Parties shall work out and apply measures to prevent the contamination and pollution of the river Danube and of the waters referred to in article 3 by unclarified sewage and other waste from industrial and municipal undertakings which are harmful to fish and other aquatic organisms, and measures to regulate blasting operations.     
Art.8  Article 8     
Art.8.1x  In the interests of rational fishing and in order to ensure the normal breeding and conservation of economically valuable species of fish, the Contracting Parties shall communicate to one another, in good time, information on the catches and migratory movementsof fish in all waters to which this Convention applies.  INFO  INFO SCIR 
Art.9  Article 9     
Art.9.1x  In order to strengthen scientific and technical collaboration in matters of fishery economy, fish breeding and hydro-biology in the Danube basin, the Contracting Parties shall co-operate with one another under the appropriate scientific and technical agreements.  SCIR  SCIR 
Art.10  Article 10    HOBF 
Art.10.1x  For the purposes of scientific research the Contracting Parties may conduct joint experimental fishing operations in the Danube waters of any of the States Parties to this Convention, on the basis of recommendations by the Mixed Commission and by agreement between the countries concerned in each particular case.  SCIR  SCIR 
Art.11  Article 11  HOBS  HOBS 
Art.11.1x  With a view to working out and co-ordinating measures for the application of this Convention, a Mixed Commission shall be established. Each Contracting Party shall appoint two representatives to the said Commission within three months after the entry into force of this Convention. The Governments of the Contracting Parties shall communicate to one another through the diplomatic channel the names of their representatives on the Commission.  INFO   
Art.11.2x  The Mixed Commission shall meet at least once a year in the territory of each of the Contracting Parties in turn.     
Art.11.3x  The Mixed Commission shall function under a statute which shall be drafted by the Commission at its first meeting after the entry into force of this Convention and approved by the Governments of the Contracting Parties.     
Art.11.4x  The place and date of meeting of the Mixed Commission shall be fixed by the Commission in advance.     
Art.12  Article 12  HOBF AMND  HOBF 
Art.12.1x  It shall be the duty of the Mixed Commission:     
Art.12.1x.1  1. To work out agreed measures, arising out of this Convention, for the regulation of fishing and the augmentation of the stocks of fish in the river Danube;     
Art.12.1x.2  2. To present proposals to the Contracting Parties with a view to amending or supplementing the Regulations for Fishing in the River Danube and to take decisions on questions which it is authorized under the said Fishing Regulations to resolve;  ATTACH   
Art.12.1x.3  3. To organize the exchange of information among the Contracting Parties concerning the implementation of this Convention;  INFO  INFO 
Art.12.1x.4  4. To co-ordinate the planning of scientific research projects on the study of fishing in the Danube to be conducted jointly or severally by the competent agencies of the Contracting Parties;  SCIR  SCIR 
Art.12.1x.5  5. To determine the nature and scope of the statistical and other data which each Contracting Party shall furnish to the Mixed Commission for the purpose of implementing this Convention;  SCIR  SCIR 
Art.12.1x.6  6. To deal with such other matters as the Contracting Parties may refer to it.     
Art.13  Article 13  HOBF HOBS  HOBF HOBS 
Art.13.1x  The Mixed Commission may make recommendations to the Contracting Parties on the matters within its competence.     
Art.13.2x  The recommendations of the Mixed Commission and its decisions on the matters mentioned in article 12 above shall be deemed adopted by the Commission if they receive the favourable votes of the representatives of all the countries members thereof.     
Art.14  Article 14     
Art.14.1x  This Convention shall not impede the conclusion of bilateral agreements on matters relating to fishing in the Danube between any two Contracting Parties or between a Contracting Party and any other Danubian State, provided that such agreements do not conflict with the interests of the conservation of stocks of fish or with the Fishing Regulations laid down by this Convention.  SOVR ATTACH  SOVR 
Art.15  Article 15  MEMB EIF DEPO  MEMB EIF DEPO 
Art.15.1x  This Convention shall be ratified and shall enter into force on the date of deposit of the last instrument of ratification with the Government of the Romanian People's Republic, in whose archives the original of the Convention shall be kept.     
Art.16  Article 16  EIF  EIF RESV 
Art.16.1x  The Convention is concluded for a term of five years.     
Art.16.2x  For those Contracting Parties which do not give notice of termination of this Convention to the Government of the Romanian People's Republic not later than six months before the expiry of this term, it shall remain in force for a further period of five years.     
Art.17  Article 17  DEPO  DEPO 
Art.17.1x  The Government of the Romanian People's Republic shall take the necessary action to register this Convention with the Secretariat of the United Nations.  RELA  RELA 
Art.17.2x  Certified true copies of this Convention shall be transmitted by the Government of the Romanian People's Republic to all the other Parties to the Convention.     
Conc.1  Done at Bucharest, on 29 January 1958, in one copy in the Romanian, Bulgarian, Serbo-Croat and Russian languages, all texts being equally authentic.  CONC TEXT  CONC TEXT 
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