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1952: International Convention For The High Seas Fisheries Of The North Pacific Ocean

Related Lineage is:
Provisions coded as containing the code: SCIR
  Provision  First Coders Codes  Second Coders Codes 
Pre.4  Recognizing that in view of these considerations it is highly desirable (1) to establish an International Commission, representing the three Parties hereto, to promote and co-ordinate the scientific studies necessary to ascertain the conservation measures required to secure the maximum sustained productivity of the fisheries of joint interest to the Contracting Parties and to recommend such measures to such Parties and (2) that each Party carry such conservation recommendations, and provide for necessary restraints on its own nationals and fishing vessels.  SCIR   
Art.3.1.c.i  (i) Study, on request of any Contracting Party concerned, any stock of fish which is under substantial exploitation by two or more of the Contracting Parties, and which is not covered by a conservation agreement between such Parties existing at the time of the conclusion of this Convention, for the purpose of determining need for joint conservation measures;    SCIR 
Art.3.1.c.ii  (ii) Decide and recommend necessary joint conservation measures including any relaxation thereof to be taken as a result of such study. Provided, however that only the national sections of the Contracting Parties engaged in substantial exploitation of such stock of fish may participate in such decision and recommendation. The decisions and recommendations shall be reported regularly to all the Contracting Parties, but shall apply only to the Contracting Parties the national sections of which participated in the decisions and recommendations.  INFO  SCIR INFO 
Art.3.1.e  e) Compile and study the records provided by the Contracting Parties pursuant to article VIII.    SCIR 
Art.3.1.f  f) Submit annually to each Contracting Party a report on the Commission's operations, investigations and findings, with appropriate recommendations, and inform each Contracting Party, whenever it is deemed advisable, on any matter relating to the objectives of this Convention.  INFO  INFO SCIR 
Art.3.3  3. In the performance of its functions, the Commission shall, insofar as feasible, utilize the technical and scientific services of, and information from, official agencies of the Contracting Parties and their political subdivisions and may, when desirable and if available utilize the services of, and information from, any public or private institution or organization or any private individual.  SCIR  SCIR 
Art.4.1.b.i  (i) Evidence based upon scientific research indicates that more intensive exploitation of the stock will not provide a substantial increase in yield which can be sustained year after year.  SCIR  SCIR 
Art.4.1.b.ii  (ii) The exploitation of the stock is limited or otherwise regulated through legal measures by each Party which is substantially engaged in its exploitation, for the purpose of maintaining or increasing its maximum sustained productivity; such limitations and regulations being in accordance with conservation programs based on scientific research, and  SCIR   
Art.4.1.b.iii  (iii) The stock is the subject of extensive scientific study designed to discover whether the stock is being fully utilized and the conditions necessary for maintaining its maximum sustained productivity.  SCIR  SCIR 
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